About Alpha Ionic

How Alpha Ionic Started

Alpha Ionic is run by a small family who discovered the great benefits of negative ion generator in the home.

You could feel the surroundings of the air feel lifeless and less energy. Later on, we stumbled upon a doctor who referred and explained the benefits of Negative Ions. After experiencing the benefits of negative ionizers, we realized we had to offer the most effective negative ion generators on the market.

Finding and sourcing the right negative ion generator was difficult. Theres so much negative ion generators in the industry that make false claims. Only a few of ionizers showed lasting results. Most of the ionizers claimed to produce 5 to 25 million ions per second, but the reality is, these ions are only measured through the emission head. It deteriorates and ends up being 0 just a few feet away. We tested it through recording the ion counts that drastically droppef further away as you move from the source. Not to mention the fact that they are constantly being used up or absorved in our homes.

The ideal negative ion generator is one that emits ions and reaches you and your surroundings to experience the real benefits to it without the production of ozone.

We’ve tested and reviewed over 50+ negative ion generators and you can check out our shop for our best picks.

We hope to grow more and more and eventually have the Alpha Ionic brand well known in the air purifying industry.