Winext Portable Air Purifier for Cars

The Winext automotive air air purifier is a negative ion generator (5 million pcs/cm3) mixed with a 3M made HAF electrostatic filter to remove airborne particles like pet dander, mud, pollen, viruses and micro organism. In addition to plugging right into a cigarette lighter, and in contrast to most different automotive ionizers I’ve seen, it […]

Hayata Car Air Purifier with Ionizer and HEPA Filter

When you drive in a polluted setting, have unhealthy smells in your car you may’t eliminate, or simply need the most effective negative ionizer on your automotive, then take into account the Hayata automotive air air purifier. It comes with 5 completely different air cleansing technologies: A real HEPA filter to lure airborne allergens like […]

Surround Air MT-8500 Ionizer with HEPA Filter and Germicidal UV Lamp

The Surround Air MT-8500 bills itself as six proven air cleaning technologies in one unit to deal with virtually every kind of airborne allergen and pollution. The six technologies used in this advanced ionizing air purifier are: A true HEPA filter, as recommended by the US Center for Disease Control, to provide effective filtering for allergens like mold […]

IonBox Review — Best Portable Ionizer with USB

To be honest, the small and portable ionizer market has been crying out for a product like the recently released IonBox. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet generates an impressive 20 million negative ions per second, far more than any similar sized ioniser I could find (most of which were […]

NaturoPure Ionic Air Purifier: 7 Stage Air Cleansing

Modern homes are unfortunately often full of pollutants and tiring positive ions generated from, carpets, upholstery, a variety of household furnishings and electrical equipment like dryers, televisions and computers. The NaturoPure Air Purifier from Heaven Freshhas a 7 stage purification process to eliminate virtually all dust, pollen, household smells, cigarette smoke, pet dander, mold spores, viruses and bacteria from the air, […]

Vortex High Density Negative Ionizer by Wein

Excessive concentrations of positive ions and airborne pollutants and bacteria can gradually wear down your immune system, but the health benefits of negative ion generation can help. The Wein vi-2500 high-density ionic air purifieris a true high density negative ion generator with an ion output of 450 trillion ions per cubic centimeter a second and with a coverage of 800 square […]

Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ionizer For Your Home Or Office

This tiny and inexpensive ionizer produces high levels of negative ions to counteract the energy-draining effects of excessive positive ionsemitted by electrical equipment and common household materials. The Ionic Lifestyle also cleans the air in your home, removing airborne pollen, dust, mold spores, odors, cigarette smoke and pet dander that can trigger allergies. Plugging directly into any power socket, it is one […]

Healthy CFL Negative Ion Light Bulb 4 Pack

Negative ions have been shown to improve blood flow to the brain and increase serotonin levels. They also greatly reduce allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores and cigarette smoke, as well as kitchen and bathroom odors and even airborne viruses and bacteria. The Healthy CFL is an negative ionizer and long lasting CFL light bulb in one. It has an approximate 10,000 […]

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Your Car

The air inside your car can be one of the most polluted environments you spend time in. Sweat and odors get trapped in the upholstery while the dashboard and fabric itself off gasses with a variety of potentially hazardous compounds. Add to this all of the carbon monoxide, high levels of positive ions and other pollution from the road and it’s not surprised how often […]

Ionic Air Purifier with Germicidal UV Lamp

The quality of the air in your home, particularly the level of circulating pollutants and potentially damaging positive ions, can make a difference to your energy levels and mood. One solution is the Heaven Fresh XJ-2100UV ionic air purifier. It uses both negative ions and UV technology to clean the air of allergenic particles like pollen and pet dander and destroy […]