Do negative ion generators get rid of pet hair and pet dander?

If you have the question “Do negative ion generators get rid of pet hair and pet dander?”, you should be a pet lover who own or want to own a pet at home. Even if you are not actively allergic to cats and dogs, the high chance is with these pets in your home, you will constantly inhale pet dander. You should realize that torturing your health with pet dander and pet hair can leave severe effect on your health.

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We all love our pet and consider them to be part of our families. But that doesn’t mean we could neglect our health, especially if a family member or friend has pet allergies. To find a complete solution, we will answer you the question of Do negative ion generators get rid of pet hair and pet dander?

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When things come to contaminant particles like pet hair or pet dander, we will think immediately of these works to help keep the pet dander and hair at bay. These works are vacuuming, cleaning and dusting.

Well, regular cleaning is a good start if you are owning a pet, as the pet hair can stuck in your furniture or carpet. But there are two things you must bear in your mind. First, you can’t clean what is airborne. And pet dander and pet hair stay in the air for most of the time. Second, pets are constantly shedding dander and fur as they go about their day. You can’t clean all day, and you must inhale all day.

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As soon as you put away your vacuum cleaner, your dog or cat will sheds more and more dander and hair. The nightmare will not stop unless you a real time solution.


Short answer, yes, negative ion generators will get rid of both pet hair and pet dander, but only when these things are floating in the air. Running a negative ion generator will greatly reduce the amount of pet hair and pet dander.

The reason a negative ion generator could do this is because of its HEPA filter. A HEPA filter (especially the True HEPA filter) will remove up to 99.97% of any contaminants such as dust, dust mites, pollen, and of course, pet hair and pet dander. All the annoying things with sizes down to 0.3 microns will be trapped within the air filter.

So if you still have question “Do negative ion generators get rid of pet hair and pet dander?”, we will guarantee that negative ion generators will help you get rid of these things when it is airborne. Once these things are trapped into your clothes, furniture and carpet, you still need to clean and vacuum. Thoroughly vacuum your home, even the cushions of the couch. You should vacuum once or twice a week for best results if you find that pet hair and pet dander is extremely bothersome.

Also, to help get rid of pet hair and pet dander, you need to do pet grooming. Your dog should be groomed regularly, which includes getting a bath. This will help you reduce lots of pet hair and pet dander from your dogs. But, please, never bathe your cat. I really don’t want to bathe my Sonic again. To help my cat, I always brushing her gently and regularly, and she really enjoy it. This will also reduce lots of pet hair and pet dander.

If your pets go outside, they may also bring allergens into the home. They may come in with wet fur from the rain, or with leaves and grass in their fur, all of which have the potential to aggravate someone with allergies. That’s why a negative ion generator is really worth the investment to remove pet hair and pet dander, and also lots of allergens.

Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you!

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