To clean the air quickly and efficiently, it is better that the ionizer is placed as high as possible – over 1.80 m. Negative ions slowly fall to the ground in a long arc and on their way bind to all the pollution in the air.

The negative ions are essential for all indoor spaces (especially for those full of synthetic materials); they clean the air and bring to us a better concentration and well-being, relieve us from stress, headaches, respiratory illnesses.

It is strongly recommended to inhale the negative ions at the carbon brush more times a day. This ion therapy help with all the problems, associated with the shortage of negative ions, asthma, allergies, hypertension, stress and unhealthy work and living environments.

A regular every day (and night) negative ion therapy is recommended for prevention against colds and other infectious diseases as well as for strengthening the immune system of children, in order to achieve optimal results.

To perform a negative ion therapy, simply inhale negative ions near the carbon brush as many times a day and as long as possible, but at least 10 minutes per inhalation and about 3 hours per daytime (can be in more sessions). The ionizer should be placed as near as possible, because the largest amounts of negative ions can be found in vicinity of the carbon brush. All-night therapy is also advised in all cases of allergies, asthma, hypertension, all kinds of respiratory diseases, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance, etc. To perform a night therapy, just place the ionizer on a nightstand or near the bed to inhale the negative ions all night long.

Alleviation of symptoms will show in a few days to a few weeks, but complete removal of all symptoms can be achieved only by every day regular therapy (as described) in 6 months to 1 year period. Please note, that there is no upper limit how long to inhale the negative ions – as long as possible and as many times as needed. IONEX air ionizer does never ever emit any harmful ozone, so the inhalation is completely safe. This is why we have achieved such great results and complete elimination of allergy symptoms, as references from many satisfied customers in book Negative ions as a method of healing describe.

Windows and doors can be opened, because the negative ions do their mission – to promptly remove from the air all the pollution that enters into the living spaces. Only during winter, when the concentration of particulate matter (PM) is really high and the outdoor air is heavily polluted with soot, smoke and smog, it is recommended that you have windows closed to prevent the pollution entering the building.

You can rest assured, the air will not be be stale and stuffy, because negative ions will purify it.