Let’s check out how a Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer can enhance indoor air high quality, enhance energy levels and assist health in a very positive way.

Struggling with common headaches, allergy symptoms, illness and simply an total feeling of getting no power or vitality is the norm for many individuals lately. Struggling to sleep after which having to resort to power drinks and occasional to assist us get by. Society blames stress, expertise and the pace of our modern lives.

Man In Waterfall filled with Negative Ions - Health Benefits

Negative Ions happen naturally in nature and may be discovered everywhere that give us vitality and power. Locations that enhance our temper, cut back our stress ranges, make us really feel more healthy, stronger, youthful and stuffed with power simply by being there.

Discovered abundantly close to flowing water sources, in forests, subsequent to the ocean, close to waterfalls, in caves and excessive within the mountains. These locations are pure negative ion generators and that is why we really feel so good once we are in or round them. Negative Ions assist our cells perform extra effectively, produce power extra successfully and do away with waste merchandise extra readily.

In our modern lives, with the dearth of flowing water sources, lack of timber and ever growing ranges of air pollution we discover that we even have a severe lack of negative ions. Trendy dwelling, with all our electrical home equipment, air conditioning and air pollution not solely strip the air of important negative ions, but in addition produce positive ions which are not good for our health and trigger cells to deteriorate at an elevated fee.

Fortunately for us, there isn’t a such thing as pure negative ions and artificial negative ions. Ions are the very same factor whether or not produced by timber and flowing water, or by a robust Negative Ion Generator. In actual fact, a top quality Negative Ion Generator will produce significantly extra negative ions than timber can. Shopping for a top quality Ion Generator is actually bringing the goodness of a forest into your house. Discovering the precise Ionizer nonetheless, is vital.

That is precisely what makes a Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer completely different from most merchandise in the marketplace as we speak. They produce solely negative ions, no ozone. no positive ions and include a 1 12 months guarantee. The produced negative ions all find yourself within the air the place they will present actual advantages to us, as a substitute of being trapped contained in the unit as many air cleansing models claiming to emit negative ions are.

A Negative Ion Generator produces over 100 million ions/cc and our hand-picked negative ion generators produce over 200 Million ions/cc. 1

Negative Ion Generator – What it Is, What it Does

Do allergies bother and impede your daily activities? What about the smell of cigarette smoke? Is it something that irritates your smell big time? You certainly need a negative ion generator if you answered “yes” to the questions. “A negative ion generator”, you may ask. Yes, it’s a recent technology that plays an important role in “cleansing” the air you breathe.

Simply put, a negative ion generator is a device that emits copious amounts of negative ions into the air. Negative ions have been proven to have beneficial effects not just to the air you breathe but also the body. It doesn’t matter which negative ion generator brand or what size. It offers several so-called benefits once it starts emitting negative ions into the air. Here are some of those purported benefits:

  • Removes allergens from the air
  • Gets rid of cigarette smoke odor in the air
  • Eliminates pet odor and dander
  • Eradicates bacteria and viruses
  • Improves your sleep patterns
  • Cleans the air inside closed off spaces
  • Gets rid of pollen
  • Develops mental health
  • Makes skin condition better
  • Improves relaxation

Obviously, using negative ion generators is beneficial not just to the surroundings but to your overall physical and mental health, too.

Why You Need a Negative Ion Generator

There’s no denying the fact that there are many harmful substances permeating the air around us. With the growing number of diseases and illnesses acquired from impure air, your priority is to keep you and your family safe. Pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria, and viruses that filter through the air are more harmful than you’d expect, which is why you would want to keep the air that you and your family breathe clean. Negative ion generators can take care of cleaning and purifying the air around you, and that’s why you need one in your home.

Inhalation of Dust Particles Is Dangerous

Inhalation of dust particles, pollen, and other similar particles has long been proven to cause pulmonary diseases that have a huge impact on health. Such minuscule particles have a way of seeping through your respiratory tract, and that’s why you need to be meticulous when it comes to keeping the air inside your home, office, or car clean and purified. Negative ion generators are especially designed to take care of purifying air to reduce the risks brought forth by said minuscule particles.

Are Air Purifiers and Negative Ion Generators the Same?

The simple answer to that question is no. Air purifiers work by filtering the air that passes through it before releasing it back to the surrounding. Negative ion generators, on the other hand, work by emitting millions of negative ions in to the air. These negative ions will then attach themselves to different ultra-fine particles in the air and pull these down and out of your breathing space. When negative ions latch onto the particles, said particles will have a hard time staying afloat. So basically, negative ion generators don’t only clean the air; these likewise eradicate the root of the problem.

Let’s expand on the above in a bit more on detail on negative ion generator

Now that we covered an general explanation of what negative ions are, where they’re discovered, what a Negative Ion Generator does and what these elevated ranges of negative ions imply to us, we will likely be various areas in a bit extra detail. We can even after most sections have a private enter space written in BLUE the place I cowl my very own expertise with every matter. We actively promote having an elevated quantity of negative ions within the dwelling to family and friends, not as a result of we manufacture and promote Negative Ion Generators, however as a result of we all know first hand the distinction a excessive quantity of negative ions make to our lives.

We are going to have a look at the next subjects:

  1. What negative ions are and why they’re so vital.
  2. How a Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer works.
  3. Positive Ions and Ozone – Why to keep away from them like a plague.
  4. Air pollution.
  5. Well being.
  6. Results on focus and focus.
  7. Train.
  8. Meditation.
  9. How to decide on the precise product.

1. Negative Ions

We’ve got already talked about that negative ions happen naturally in nature, present in areas wealthy with life and water. It isn’t shocking that we require them to be wholesome, stuffed with power and illness free.

A negative ion may be very merely an Oxygen particle that has acquired an additional electron. This offers the oxygen molecule a negative cost and that negative cost is what makes all of the distinction. Research are exhibiting, time and again, that negative ions enhance the perform of our our bodies. A quantity that persistently comes up is 20%. We soak up on common about 20% extra oxygen if the oxygen is negative charged. This regardless that not an enormous quantity, makes an enormous distinction to our total metabolic processes, our means to heal and struggle off ailments, our focus ranges and temper to call however a number of. You may be taught extra about negative ions here

2. Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer – How do they work?

The “Corona Discharge methodology” is the the most effective and most secure methodology to generate negative ions. This methodology depends on a negative DC electrical cost to be pushed into the purpose of a wire or needle. Electrical energy is brought on by electrons shifting and that motion, paired with the pure state of two negatives repelling one another, causes electrons to leap onto the closest factor they will discover on the finish of that wire. Usually an oxygen or Nitrogen molecule. The nitrogen negative ions play a vital half in air high quality which we’ll discus later.

Put merely – A tiny present of electrons movement down a needle to its level. The nearer the electrons come to the needlepoint, the nearer they’re compelled collectively. Since electrons naturally repel one another, once they reached the very tip of the needle they’re compelled off into the closest air molecule and grow to be a negative ion. Negative ions repel one another as nicely, in order increasingly are produced they’re emitted additional and additional out into the room they’re in. The extra highly effective the ionizer, the extra useful ions they will produce and the bigger their vary.
merchandise are excessive density corona discharge Negative Ion Generators that produce ions in the best and secure means attainable. The very best ionizers are these which use the corona discharge methodology. If nicely designed will produce solely negative ions. This implies no positive ions, no ozone and no want to fret.

What typically is not talked about is simply how rapidly negative ions are used up. They take away almost every part out of the air that should not be there, which suggests all pollution, whether or not they be mud, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and different hazardous particles will actively be eliminated. A negative ion generator must repeatedly producing trillions of negative ions per second to actually have the ability to fill a room, clear the air successfully while having a excessive sufficient ion focus left to actively have an effect on our health in a positive means. We are going to have a look at key options to look out for in a highly effective Ionizer / Negative Ion Generator in a while.

3. Positive Ions and Ozone – Keep away from keep away from keep away from.

Our Health web page talks about intimately among the health advantages that stem from being in and round excessive ranges of negative ions, and if you happen to have been to reverse all these advantages and make them negative reactions, that’s what you’d get from respiration very excessive ranges of positive ions.

Now, with wi-fi, cell phones, computer systems, large display TV’s, distant controls, good meters, and all the remainder, positive ions are on the rise. Positive ions impacts us in the long term by damaging / impairing the perform of the Endocrine system and we will see this clearly within the figures posted on nationwide health associated to thyroid points and immune deficiencies.

A positive ion is a molecule that has misplaced an electron and now holds a positive cost, all whereas actively trying to take a cost(electron) in order that it may possibly grow to be impartial or balanced once more. They wreak havoc on our our bodies and can trigger all types of issues. The issue is {that a} positive ion can’t be smelt and we cannot learn about them till the signs begin to present.

Ozone is an oxygen molecule that consists of three Oxygen atoms as a substitute of two. Ozone is exceptionally necessary excessive within the ambiance the place it protects us from the suns dangerous UV rays, however extraordinarily unhealthy for our lungs and eyes right here nearer to floor stage. No Negative Ion Generator that claims to assist health, needs to be producing Ozone in ranges that may be smelt. Fortunately for us, ozone has a really distinct scent and it isn’t exhausting to note if the Ionizer you personal is producing it. AVOID OZONE LIKE A PLAGUE.

4. Air pollution

We cowl the results of air pollution fairly completely on our Pollution web page, due to this fact right here I need to discuss extra about air pollution and negative ions and the way they have an effect on one another.

Air pollution most frequently is listed as a determine. The PM2.5 ranges of a metropolis consult with the particles of air pollution smaller than 2.5 microns. A human hair is roughly 70 microns thick.

Anybody dwelling in an enormous metropolis, near motorways or in areas the place lots of industrial exercise is occurring can attest to the impacts of air pollution on our health and high quality of life. We could not all the time have the ability to have an effect on what occurs exterior our properties, however we will positively have an effect on the indoor air high quality that we expose ourselves and our household to.

Negative ions will connect to all of the particles within the air, irrespective of how small they’re, and drag them to the bottom. There isn’t a requirement for filters and there’s no getting away from negative ions if you’re a grimy little bit of air pollution floating round within the air.

A robust negative ion generator will very quickly decrease the PM2.5 ranges in your house to beneath 30. Please see our Pollution web page the place I reference the completely different numbers and the results on health they’ve. Something beneath 100 is taken into account wholesome however actually we wish figures to be beneath 50. The nearer to zero we will get them, the higher.

We right here at attempt to check claims made about negative ions as typically as we will ourselves. Particularly when claims are made that solely HEPA filters can actually take away dangerous particles sufficiently small to fall inside the PM2.5 measurements. We got down to check whether or not Negative Ions can in actual fact decrease PM2.5 ranges in addition to any Air Cleaner utilizing HEPA filters. The outcomes have been staggering and the total weblog entry may be learn right here:

For individuals who simply need the outcomes, I’ve copied and pasted the Weblog entry conclusion part beneath. A burning Cigarette was used to introduce the PM2.5 ranges required for testing.

Studying after 10 minutesStudying after 30 minutesStudying after 1 hour
 Take a look at 1 – No Negative Ions 999 ug/m3 316.Eight ug/m3171 ug/m3
 Take a look at 2 – Negative ions after 10 minutes 999 ug/m3 372.2 ug/m3105.9 ug/m3
 Take a look at 3 – Negative ions 30 minutes earlier than 595.6 ug/m351.5 ug/m343.Four ug.m3


The outcomes clearly present that an space stuffed with negative ions forestall PM2.5 ranges from increase, and in flip has the degrees of dangerous particles within the air drop lots faster than with out the negative ions current.

Take a look at 1 we see after 15-20 minutes there’s a drastic drop within the PM2.5 ranges. We aren’t certain precisely what induced this (gust of wind may very well be the wrongdoer), and can rerun this a part of the experiment at one level to see what the precise pure drop off is. The principle determine to take a look at is the measurement after an hour and examine that to the measurement of Take a look at Three when Negative ions have been current previous to the experiment beginning and having had time to construct up.

Take a look at 2 we will see that by the 30 min mark the negative ions had not had sufficient time to actually bind to, and drag down the particles within the air. The ionizer was switched on after PM2.5 ranges have been already excessive and wanted time to have the ability to construct up and go to work. The studying after 60 minutes and if we have a look at the continual studying reveals a gradual decline path.

‘ By inflicting allergens resembling pollen, mildew spores, mud, and animal dander floating within the air (which have both a impartial or a positive cost) to be drawn to and stick to one another, forming ‘clumps’ (as a result of reverse costs appeal to). These clumps of particles then grow to be heavy sufficient in order that gravity can pull them all the way down to the ground, the place they are often vacuumed up, somewhat than staying in suspension’

Negative ions want time to construct up, and in unhealthy high quality air, take a bit longer to construct as much as the required ranges to take away particles floating about within the air.

Take a look at 3 present clearly that after the ions have had time to construct up, the distinction they make to air high quality is sort of noticeable. The focus of negative ions within the air was already very excessive, permitting them to rapidly bind to and drag down particles floating round within the air.

These outcomes would point out the any articles claiming that solely HEPA filters can take away/decrease PM2.5 ranges are improper. Negative ions do a tremendous job of eradicating PM2.5 ranges rapidly and reducing them to a stage thought of secure.

Negative ions assist our health in quite a few methods documented many occasions over. They’re in our opinion as efficient at eradicating PM2.5 as HEPA filters and have the extra good thing about aiding our health extra than simply the clear air a product reliant on filters can do.

5. Well being

Well being is a very powerful factor in life. Usually individuals will overlook about this reality when chasing after a promotion, or having fun with the pleasures that life has to supply. That day when health begins to fade, or is totally gone is the day that will likely be too late for many with issues going downhill from there. I do not need to go on in regards to the documented health advantages of negative ions right here, however as a substitute need to discuss basically. Please see our Health web page the place we cowl a number of advantages from publicity to negative ions.

The reality is it is by no means too late to begin dwelling extra healthily and including issues to your house and private surroundings that may enhance health and in flip high quality of life. High quality of life is an enormous concern recently with improved medical care, we life longer, and it could be good to stay longer in a wholesome state, having the ability to take pleasure in life, somewhat than dwelling longer however being in ache or unable to stay life the best way you need to stay it.

Elevated ranges of negative ions though not a miracle remedy, will assist the physique to perform higher. If you’re already wholesome the elevated ranges of power and temper will likely be instantly noticeable. Research present time and time once more that negative ions enhance our health in methods which are positively noteworthy, and successive research exhibiting the identical issues time and again cannot be improper.

Japanese researchers have discovered that exposing health mice to excessive ranges of negative ions will increase their lifespan by 20%. If by some miracle the identical went for individuals, 20% further might imply 16 further years (if you happen to have been to stay to 80) to look at your grandchildren develop up. These further years will not be lived in a low high quality of life because the negative ions will assist your physique to remain more healthy for longer.

The above assertion is a what if, however I firmly imagine having a robust Ionizer at dwelling is not going to solely enhance high quality of life, but in addition prolong life by a number of years (20% could be fantastic). I examine Chinese language Drugs and it’s well-known that if you happen to deal with the little issues, they will by no means grow to be large issues.

Negative ions in our dwelling has improved health in so many ways in which it’s exhausting to think about how we ever lived with out Ionizers. We frequently have emails again from clients speaking in regards to the results and modifications on their family members. Folks do not usually discover modifications in themselves, and sometimes overlook the small, however substantial enhancements to life and health that include having elevated ranges of negative ions at dwelling.

6. Focus and focus

As talked about earlier than, negatively charged oxygen molecules are absorbed 20% extra effectively than air that is not ionized.This improve in oxygen to each the mind and organs play an important position on our means to focus. Reminiscence is improved in addition to cognitive perform. This examine has been carried out time and again and the outcomes are all the time positive. Folks perform higher when in a extremely negatively ionized space. The tougher the duty, the extra enchancment may be seen. Much less sick days are taken and fewer headache reported in work areas with many computer systems.

This could enhance our lives in some ways. Those that work will discover they will work with much less errors, require much less breaks and total have a extra productive time whereas in an space with negative ions. The identical may be mentioned for college kids and our youngsters. If we will get extra out of our time finding out, then why would we not give ourselves that 20% improve in means. It’s a very straightforward but efficient means to enhance our grades and work efficiency.

Sitting behind a pc is one thing that in a short time tires me out. After an hour I typically have complications and grow to be stressed (this is because of these pesky Positive Ions I discussed earlier). Since including a Negative ion generator to the realm through which I work behind a pc I have had a noticeable impact on my work output. I’m able to sit for hours on finish with out fatigue kicking in, with out growing a headache and discover that I can focus for a lot for much longer than I might earlier than. The hours it took me to put in writing this web page glided by with out me having to rise up or take a break. Negative ions make a distinction that’s exhausting to know till you may have skilled it.

7. Train

The forefather of many research and public data of negative ions are from Man Cramer. He documented and researched negative ions on a stage that remains to be unparalleled. He amongst different issues documented the distinction between bodily train in an surroundings wealthy with negative ions in comparison with one with out. The findings have been conclusively exhibiting that features from train have been considerably bigger by the athletes uncovered to excessive ranges of negative ions. Many will increase once more ranged across the 20% mark, all besides endurance.

Endurance went up by over 200% in comparison with these coaching in an space not full of excessive ranges of negative ions. Research carried out on ice hockey gamers confirmed improved efficiency persistently when ranges of negative ions have been larger, and decrease efficiency on days when negative ions counts have been decrease. It needs to be famous that restoration from harm additionally elevated with counts of harm being decrease within the athletes uncovered to excessive ranges of negative ions.

I spent 5 years in a occupation the place bodily health was a requirement. I understand how rapidly endurance improves and the way rapidly health is misplaced when not exercising. What actually opened my eyes to the results of excessive ranges of negative ions to coaching was the velocity at which I might improve my coaching time and depth. I discovered that I used to be growing in health lots quicker than I did after I was a lot youthful, and I retained the health for for much longer.

The aches and pains from an intense session was a lot much less with lactic acid construct as much as both non existent, or little or no. I used to be coaching in an space with over 100 000 Negative ions/cc and these days desire coaching at dwelling the place I can management the surroundings I’m coaching in. There’s all the time a Ionizer near the instant space I’m coaching in.

8. Meditation

Since there are not any research on meditation and the results of negative ions it’s all the way down to my very own expertise to cowl this matter. Meditation is one thing that I’ve all the time had an curiosity in. I felt drawn to it, I moved nation looking for it and it is because of meditation that I found the results of negative ions. Extra is written on our Meditation web page.

Meditating by the lake for Negative Ion Health Benefits

Meditating by the lake for Negative Ion Health Benefits – Negative Ion Generator

Making an attempt to know why some areas have been thought of good for meditation and others unhealthy, led me down the trail that I’m on now. A key determine that stored popping up in areas mentioned to be good for meditation was the Negative Ion rely. Close to waterfalls, in caves and particularly caves behind waterfalls are well-known to be locations Yogis and Taoist masters would hunt down for his or her meditation.

 Location Ions/cm3 (Approx)
  Waterfall  5,000-100,000
  Cave  5,000-20,000
  Forest  1,000-5,000
  Countryside  700-1,500
  Metropolis Streets  0-300
  Dwelling  0-100

As we will see from the desk, these areas have a Negative ion rely, a lot larger than any metropolis might ever presumably want to have. These adepts, those that are the healthiest of us all, hunt down areas excessive in negative ions to additional improve their our bodies. That is value noting and looking out additional into.

I’m fortunate sufficient to be a part of a real lineage in china. To be taught immediately by realised individuals the traditional artwork of neigong (chigong or qigong) is a privilege above all else. I had my instructor, who’s extraordinarily achieved in meditation, attempt meditating in an space with one Negative Ion Generator was current and he was impressed. He said that the elevated ranges of ions helped to stabilize qi, and in flip permit it to settle a lot faster. Negative ions do rather more than simply this, however having a grasp give his approval on the impacts of an Ionizer on meditation is fantastic. (An Ionizer producing any quantities of ozone or positive ions could be detrimental to meditation and never assist it)

A bunch of practitioners practising (Vipassana meditation) in a corridor discovered that having elevated ranges of negative ions helped them to focus extra clearly and keep inside a focussed way of thinking for for much longer than if a Ionizer weren’t current.

9. How to decide on the precise product.

There are as with all merchandise in life, good ones and unhealthy ones. It’s the data to have the ability to distinguish product from a foul one that can both have you may have a positive expertise and see the fantastic health advantages that come from having elevated negative ions, in comparison with experiencing the horrible results having an Ionizer that produces ozone or positive ions too.

Usually individuals will inform me the horrible experiences that they had with negative ions, and upon additional investigation we all the time have the reality come out. The unhealthy results have been as a result of these “Negative Ion Generators” have been in actual fact not solely producing negative ions. I can’t stress sufficient how positive ions and ozone needs to be prevented.

Key factors to notice are:

1. What number of negative ions are produced

Negative ion rely drastically drops the additional away you progress from the Generator. If you’re given a determine of three, 6 or 20 million with out it being said the place the studying was taken, then you’re most certainly shopping for one thing that does not produce sufficient negative ions to actually make a distinction.

Being informed the place the figures have been taken is vital. A Ionizer produces trillions of negative ions proper on the emission level, however by the point you’re 30cm (12inches) away from the unit it has already dropped to only over 100 million (Commonplace Unit).

As a basic information these figures will assist you select a robust negative ion generator.

10cm (4inches) – 100 Million or extra
30cm (12inches) -20 Million or extra
50cm (20inches) – 1 Million or extra
1m (Three toes) – 100 Thousand or extra

2. What’s the ozone output

We are not looking for a lot ozone being produced by an Ionizer. All ionizers will, as a by-product, produce a small quantity of ozone, but when it may be smelt in a room the place an ionizer is working, you’re asking for hassle. A residual ozone rely of lower than 0.015 ppm is what you’d be in search of in a High quality Negative Ion Generator.
ionizers produce so little ozone that it may possibly by no means be smelt of even detected by an expert ozone meter held 10 inches from it.

3. Are positive ions additionally being produced

The identical as ozone, we do not need positive ions being produced. Ionizers produce 0 positive ions.

4. Do they provide a warranty or a money back guarantee.

Usually you can see with merchandise that do not ship what they promise, a guaranty or a reimbursement assure is lacking. Ensure that the product comes with each.

10. Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers

Now let’s check out our two merchandise and what they provide.

Regardless that that is our normal Ionizer, it’s extremely sturdy in comparison with just about each different ionizer in the marketplace. Measurements of over 100 million are taken at 12 Inches, with the ion rely immediately subsequent to the emission level being within the trillions. The Ionizer runs silently and emits a really sturdy ion breeze. All this whereas utilizing lower than Eight watt of electrical energy, one thing you will not even discover in your electrical energy invoice.

As talked about above this unit is good for smaller rooms or rooms the place there may be a priority concerning different digital units. Though the weaker of the 2, it’s nonetheless extremely sturdy and shouldn’t be positioned inside 1 meter of digital units. They don’t seem to be very large units and the remark most frequently obtained is how small they really are. It may be discovered here

The unit is extremely sturdy, and delicate individuals, or those that have been devoid of negative ions for a time period can discover that the professional unit may cause light-headedness within the first few days of working it. That is brought on by the elevated oxygen consumption and is nothing to be involved about, nonetheless it’s all the time good to learn about. It’s equal to having detox and earlier than it, your physique will perform at a better capability than earlier than. It may be discovered here

What you can expect from a Negative Ionizer / Negative Ion Generator.

– Trillions if negative Ions being produced each second.
– No Positive Ions or Ozone produced that may hurt your health.
– An Ionizer that runs silently, but produces the quantity of Ions required to positively have an effect on health.
– An Ionizer sturdy sufficient to fill massive rooms within the dwelling enhancing air high quality and health.
– A Product designed to final you years with out fear or want to switch components.
– An Ionizer with a guaranty ought to issues go improper.
– A product from an organization who cares about their product and clients.

Alpha Ionic Negative ion Generators / ionizers are among the greatest, if not the most effective, negative ion generators in the marketplace as we speak. No different Ionizer comes near producing the quantity of negative ions that our models produce, with out additionally producing a good quantity of ozone too. To not point out the merchandise in the marketplace additionally producing positive ions.

Our merchandise usually are not manufactured with low-cost components to extend income both. We manufacture all our Ionizers to final not less than 50 000 working hours and provide a 1 12 months guarantee as a result of we construct them to final. We aren’t anxious about them breaking down. We’re household run firm, who positively imagine in glad clients over large financial institution accounts. We imagine that honesty will get us a lot additional than the rest.

You should purchase a Ionizer with the peace of thoughts that it’s going to do precisely what we promote it to do. Additionally, you will discover that if for some unlucky cause that it’s a must to name on the guarantee, that we cannot have hundreds of excuses to get out of changing your defective or broken product.

We have tried to put in writing this web page in a means that makes it straightforward to learn, staying away from quoting too many research that make studying and understanding precisely what’s being mentioned tough. I hope that it helps those that know little or no to be taught extra, and helps you to decide on a product that can convey you the advantages that you simply deserve.

We intend to attempt to make increasingly individuals conscious of negative ions and will likely be placing out new and contemporary materials on numerous social platforms. Please take a look and like or comply with our pages to obtain the most recent data, updates and affords from us.

Negative Ion Generator – Informative Guide to Choosing the Best One

These days, there are so many negative ion generators or ionizers available in the market, that you may find yourself at a crossroads when choosing the best one to invest your money in. You probably think that that the only differences among those ionizers are shape and size. However, not all ionizers are created equal. There are four main points you need to consider when choosing the best negative ion generator. Those are:

  • Scope of negative ions’ travel path
  • To what extent the negative ions spread out
  • Performance
  • Specifications

Hence, here is an informative guide to help you choose the best negative ion generator according to your prerequisites.

Scope of Negative Ions’ Path

No matter how low you’ve dropped the temperature of your air conditioner on an extremely hot day, if the cool air doesn’t reach you, then you’re practically just wasting electricity. The same is true with negative ion generators. You’re basically wasting energy if turn on the ionizer but none of the negative ions is reaching you.

Generally, the count of negative ions is measured in (pcs/cc). That doesn’t mean, though, that you can sorely rely on that value to gauge the performance of an ionizer. Even 1,000,000 (pcs/cc) of negative ions generated by an ionizer can be good or poor. Why is that? Because it doesn’t indicate there the distance in which the amount of negative ions can be detected, and that’s an important factor.

Distance is important because negative ion count goes down significantly as you move away from the generator. With that said, you can presumably gauge the performance of an ionizer based on the negative ion count at a particular distance from the ionizer. Some brands will show the negative ion count it can detect at the blow-off point but not in angled directions, while very few can detect negative ion 50cm away from the generator. An ideal ionizer will indicate ion counts from both directions (blow-off and angled).

It’s important to know how much negative ions are emitted a certain distance away from the ionizer since it’s an indication of how far the negative ions are able to travel to do its job of cleansing and purifying the air.

As a general rule, negative ion count that is below 10,000 (pcs/cc) detected at 1m away from the ionizer is poor.

Here is a good reference you can use to gauge the performance of negative ion generators:

300 (pcs/cc)50cmPoor
3,000 (pcs/cc)50cmSomewhat poor
20,000 (pcs/cc)1mGood
100,000 (pcs/cc)1mVery good

Extent That Negative Ions Spread Out

You need to realize that the extent at which negative ions spread out is not always determined by its blow-off direction (straight path).

It was mentioned in the previous section that negative ion count decreases significantly as you move away from the negative ion generator. That doesn’t only happen with the blow-off direction but also with angled directions. In fact, negative ions coming out of an ionizer from a 30-degree angle may not be detected. If that’s the case, you will need to position yourself directly in the blow-off direction to get the most out of the negative ion generator.

Unlike an air conditioner that spreads cool air throughout your room and the coldness stays as the air conditioner stays on, negative ions do not stay as time passes. These evaporate quickly, which is why it’s important that the negative ions spread in multiple directions so you can get the most out of it. The simple equation is: negative ion generator + narrow coverage = impractical investment.

Unfortunately, many models of ionizers disperse negative ions either from the blow-off direction or angled ones. How can you make sure that negative ions are spreading in multiple directions? There are two things you need to keep in mind – coverage area and negative ion distribution.

Typically, the coverage area is something a manufacturer of negative ion generators will decide on its own. It usually doesn’t follow an industry standard, so it’s practically something meant for a buyer’s reference only.

Negative ion distribution basically refers to the extent negative ions spread in different directions once these are released. Unfortunately, the data is seldom disclosed by many manufacturers.

The important thing to note is that figures will vary depending on the ionizer’s air purification levels and the surroundings. Hence, it will be ideal for you to see how negative ions spread out based on actual ions count.


“Looks can be deceiving,” they say, and that can’t be truer with negative ion generators. Remember, appearance doesn’t always equate with performance. Yes, appearance can factor in, especially if you’re placing an ionizer in a room where other people may see it. However, when choosing a negative ion generator, you should give more importance to performance.

As discussed previously, one of the factors that matter most in an ionizer is its negative ion distribution data. It’s ideal that you contact the ionizer’s manufacturer for that data if the device only shows the negative ion count as detected from the blow-off direction or a particular distance. If not, you may end up purchasing an “almost, but not quite” ion generator.


There are several features you need to keep in mind when shopping for a negative ion generator. These features will help you decide whether you’re choosing the best one or not. These features answer these 14 questions:

  1. How many negative ions are there in the blow-off direction?
  2. How many negative ions are there in the angled direction?
  3. What is the scope of the ionizer’s coverage area?
  4. What is its lifespan?
  5. Is it safe to use?
  6. How well can it purify the air?
  7. Is it stable?
  8. How long will its ionizing needles last?
  9. How many positive ions does it produce?
  10. What about its ozone gas production?
  11. Is there a built-in detector?
  12. Is it high or low maintenance?
  13. Will you need to purchase other items like filters for instance?
  14. Does it generate a loud sound?

Different Features of a Good Negative Ion Generator

  1. Negative ion count from the blow-off direction (straight path)

It will be impossible for you to gauge the extent that negative ions travel without the ion counts from the blow-off direction. Moreover, you can’t determine how well a negative ion generator performs if you don’t have any idea what the negative ion count is.

About a million negative ions may be detected at the blow-off point but move 50, 100, or 200 cm away and there may be very few molecules detected. If the detectable count falls less than 2,000 or 3,000 (pcs/cc) at a distance of 1 m, then it’s safe to deduce that the ionizer’s performance is poor. It doesn’t mean, though, that the ionizer is a complete waste. It’s still good for mobile or other special use.

  1. Negative ion count from angled directions

If ion counts from the blow-off direction show you how far negative ions travel, the counts coming from angled directions tell you how extensive the reach of negative ions are. This is something most manufacturers fail to disclose, but it’s very important to know that. Otherwise, you will be wasting electricity if only a handful of negative ions can be detected coming from angled directions.

  1. Maximum coverage area of the ionizer

This feature doesn’t really follow an industry standard. It’s something the manufacturer of the ionizer decides on and purely for your reference. Obviously, when shopping around for a negative ion generator, you must choose the one with the widest coverage area. For instance, an ionizer that covers 40 square meters or 430 square feet is high performing. Knowing the negative ion count from angled directions and the scope of coverage will help you deduce how the ions will be distributed.

  1. Lifespan of the negative ion generator

Obviously, you’ll want to invest your money in a negative ion generator you can use for a long time. There’s no point purchasing one that’s only good for a few uses. Ideally, an ionizer should last at least five years or more. The ionizing needles greatly affect the lifespan of a negative ion generator. These ionizing needles are responsible for discharging negative ions. If the ionizing needles wear out, either the negative ion count or generation of highly-concentrated ozone will decrease.

  1. Safeness of the ionizer

Don’t forget that a negative ion generator has internal circuits charged with high voltages that are necessary to make the device work as it should. As much as possible, choose an ionizer with circuits that are well-hidden so you will not accidentally touch those. At the same time, choose an ionizer that doesn’t produce harmful ozone gas once the ionizing needles wear out.

  1. Capacity to purify the air

Negative ions purify the air by latching on to dust and other harmful particles floating in the air and dragging these down until these fall to the floor. Obviously, an ionizer that emits plenty of negative ions in a room has increased capacity to remove more allergens in the shortest time. Manufacturers don’t always disclose such information, but a safe guide to determine the capability of an ionizer to purify the air is if it can cleanse 98% of 0.1-0.3 micron particles from the air in just five minutes.

  1. Stability

Here’s the thing: the performance level of a negative ion generator can drastically drop due to changes in temperature and humidity. Basically, when the temperature in the atmosphere gets low or high, negative ion counts can fluctuate. As such, you will not be able to take full advantage of the negative ion generator. Even if the temperature fluctuates, choose an ionizer designed to sustain optimum performance. You know you have a gem in your hands if the device performs well even under extreme conditions.

  1. Longevity of ionizing needles

As mentioned in item number four, the ionizing needles affect the lifespan of an ionizer. Through repetitive charging and discharging of ions or due to chemical reactions, these ionizing needles can wear out. Worn out ionizing needles either product harmful ozone gases or lower negative ion counts. Hence, you need to verify the lifespan of the ionizing needles before purchasing or at least see to it that these can be replaced once these wear out.

  1. Production of positive ions

A negative ion generator generates both positive and negative ions at the same time through the so-called “corona” discharge. Ironically, positive ions are harmful to your health while negative ions are beneficial. Hence, you will do well to choose a negative ion generator that doesn’t produce positive ions at all. Remember, negative ion counts decrease when positive ions are present since they cancel each other out.

  1. Ozone gas production

Majority of negative ion generators in the market these days produce both negative ions and ozone gases at the same time. The production of ozone gas is necessary since it is responsible for sterilizing or deodorizing the air. However, it’s a known fact that high concentrations of this gas are harmful to the body. You won’t know that you’re already inhaling ozone gas because it is odorless. Nevertheless, once it reacts with other airborne substances, it will give off an offensive, stimulating smell. It will do you well to choose a negative ion generator that meets the safety limit set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is 0.05 ppm (parts per million). You need to keep looking for one that does if the ionizer doesn’t meet the safety limit..

  1. Built-in ion detector

Since ions are invisible to the naked eye, it’s impossible for you to tell whether your negative ion generator is working properly or not. You cannot actually see allergens falling down as soon as negative ions latch onto them. Hence, it’s best to choose an ionizer that has a built-in ion detector and/or indicator light that lets you know the device is generating negative ions.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Not all negative ion generators are created equal. Some are easy to maintain while some are not. In addition, there are negative ionizers that will require you to replace filters or clean the ionizing needles regularly. On the other hand, negative ionizers that work by crashing water may require you to clean and/or refill the incorporated water tanks. It’s best that you ask what type of maintenance work is required of the negative ion generator before you go and purchase one. Remember, maintenance work is necessary if you want the ionizer to perform well all the time.

  1. Consumables

Ask if you’re required to purchase consumables like filters, ionizing needles, and others before purchasing. Such consumables will add to your regular expenses. Make sure you’re committed to spending before making a final decision.

  1. Generated noise

You will find that some negative ionizers have motors or built-in fans that may or may not produce sound when turned on. Depending on how loud the noise is, it can prove to be a distraction to you. When you’re resting at night, the least you want is be disturbed by the noise. Therefore, before you purchase one, it will do you well to know whether the negative ionizer generates noise or not, and if so, how loud it can get.

True, there are several factors that need careful consideration when you’re choosing the best negative ion generator for your home, office, or car. Nevertheless, the most important factor is whether the negative ions emitted will reach you wherever you are or not.

Even if a product boasts that it emits 2,000,000 negative ions per second, it doesn’t guarantee that the negative ions will reach you. Remember, disclosed coverage area is merely for your reference. It’s not an industry standard.

Pay close attention to the negative ion counts from the blow-off and angled directions. These show if the negative ions will reach you (in your position) or not.

Keep these things in mind, and you’re sure to find the best negative ion generator to keep you and your family healthy and safe. In the same vein, do check out Alpha Ionic for some of the best negative ion generators in the market today.