Winext Portable Air Purifier for Cars

The Winext automotive air air purifier is a negative ion generator (5 million pcs/cm3) mixed with a 3M made HAF electrostatic filter to remove airborne particles like pet dander, mud, pollen, viruses and micro organism.

In addition to plugging right into a cigarette lighter, and in contrast to most different automotive ionizers I’ve seen, it will also be powered by an included USB connection when you’ve got a contemporary automotive that has a USB port.

Given this, the Winext auto ionizer may very well be thought-about not only a automotive air air purifier, but additionally a transportable ion generator in your workplace desk or to make use of in motels when touring.

To attach the ionizer by USB requires 5 volts, which implies it needs to be suitable with each older USB 1.x and a pair of.0, that are listed as offering a 5 volt energy provide, and in USB 3.Zero which is increased.

Whereas fairly slim, the Winext auto air air purifier is about 5 inches huge and freestanding. That’s wonderful for portability however maintain it in thoughts when contemplating whether or not it will be an excellent match in your automotive.

Whereas the negative ion output of this automotive ionizer is much like the earlier mannequin reviewed, its means to circulate air through the electrostatic filter should make it a bit more effective at air cleaning in general.

You possibly can see extra pictures and reviews and check the price of this new car air purifier on Amazon here.

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